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Minirecensioner - Jag recenserar film på engelska

Jag har ju skaffat en användare på Letterboxd nu i dagarna, och jag hade ju hoppats att det skulle kännas okey att skriva recensioner där på svenska. Det har dock känts sådär lagom schysst att mina recensioner på svenska skall hamna på filmernas presentationer, då nästan ingen förstår vad det är jag skriver. Jag har därför skrivit på engelska på sidan till de tre senaste filmerna jag sett. Tänkte jag skulle dela med mig av dem och så kanske förstår varför jag hellre vill skriva på svenska. För visst anser jag mig vara rätt duktig på engelska, men att formulera mig på det sättet som jag vill kan jag icke (vilket resulterar i att det blir väldigt korta recensioner). Sedan så har vi det där med grammatiken. Att skriva på engelska i den omfattningen som jag gör nu har jag inte gjort sedan jag gick i skolan, och det märks så tydligt. Jag vet med andra ord att det inte ser helt ok ut överallt, och det är därför jag postar mina första tre recensioner här. Tänkte att någon vänlig själ med god engelska kunde rätta mig om det är något som är åt helsike fel (titeln och betyget står inte med i recensionen på Letterboxd).

WAKE WOOD (2011)
Betyg 2 av 5

A Irish movie shot i Sweden, with a storyline that makes you think of Stephen King's "Pet Sematery", and with a cast that wasn't to bad (on paper). In other words; I thought it would be worth seeing, and it was... kind of.

This movie has some serious issues with credibility. And then I'm not talking about the whole bringing back to life stuff. It's something that you really can't have remarks on when you've desided to watch the movie. No, I'm talking about the reactions of the grown-ups in Wake Wood. I don't know if it's a matter of bad acting, bad directing or a bad script (probably a combination of all three), but it really does bring this movie down, and that by a lot.

With this said I have some good things to say about Wake Wood. I like the roughness of it, I like the enviroments, I like how gory it is and the child actress is quite allright. The story is okey, but the thing that's interesting about it is dragged down by the unrealistic reactions from the people surrounding the little girl. I don't want to spoiler the movie, so i will hold back with examples, and will end by saying that it's watchable. Especially if you enjoy a murderous evil child in your horror flick.


CACHÉ (2005)
Betyg 4,5 av 5

There ar two things that are for certain when you put on a Haneke movie: The first of which is that if you have patience and are observant, it will pay off in the end. And the other thing is that you will have a stomach ache that will keep you from sleeping. "Caché" was a little easier on my stomach then "The Seventh Continent", but the anxiety level in that movie is something special. But lets not talk about that...

... I have a hard time finding the right words in english for how great this truly is. Haneke has a unique ability to get me into a state of zen when it comes to watching movies. It's intence in a subtile way and requires you to be up for some brain workout. In this case the big mystery is who sent those tapes, and until the end I was surten this was some kind of a "the tell tale heart"-kind of story. Maybe it is? Maybe it isn't. It doesn't really matter though. That Caché is open for interpretation only makes it better, and I will surtenly watch it again sometime in the near future.


Betyg 3,5 av 5
Really liked this. Not a masterpiece in any way, but well worth my time. A feel good-movie that are well balanced when it comes to seriousness and humor. In a way, an ordinary American indie film, but I think that it has that little extra. Perhaps because of the fantastic characters that are easy to love, with all their shortcomings and flaws. The characters themself arn't that originell though, but as a couple they are unique. And as a love story it isn't something we are used to see. And the ending made it for me. Great ending for a great film.